Confident multiethnic male nurse in front of his medical team looking at camera wearing face mask during covid-19 outbreak. Happy and proud indian young surgeon standing in front of his colleagues wearing surgical mask for prevention against coronavirus. Portrait of mixed race doctor with medical staff in background at hospital.

About NNU

National Nurses United (NNU) is a nursing labor union based in California.

One of NNU’s stated objectives is to “organize all direct care RNs into a single organization…” NNU organizing tactics often include:

  • Home visits to nurses
  • Negative media campaigns against hospitals and their leaders
  • Strikes, pickets, and candlelight vigils
  • “Marches” on the CEO’s office
  • Filing multiple unfair labor practice charges against employers
  • Filing complaints about staffing and/or patient safety with Department of Health and/or other regulatory agencies
  • Use of websites and other social media to advance their agenda
  • Billboards critical of the care provided at the targeted hospital
  • Hosting continuing education courses to gather contact information of local nurses


38 unfair labor practice charges have been filed against NNU since 2013, according to the Bureau of National Affairs.