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NNU Dues

Calculate Your NNU Union Dues

Read the fine print around wage deductions, membership dues and auto renewals; Registered Nurse Membership and Dues/Fees Authorization form.


Union membership carries with it the responsibility to help finance the Union’s programs through payment of monthly dues. According to NNU’s Constitution (NNU Dues Policy, pp. 37-38):

  • Full-time RNs pay 2.2 times their hourly rate, up to $117 per month. That’s $1404.00 a year for some nurses.
  • Part-time/per diem RNs working 12 hours per week or less per pay period pay 50% of the full-time rate. That’s up to $702 a year for some nurses.
  • According to NNU’s constitution, the union will increase dues as follows: “The maximum amount (cap) of regular direct member dues shall increase based on the average wage increase in the preceding calendar year at the three (3) NNU-directly represented or NNU Affiliate-represented facilities with the highest RN base rate wages.

To determine what your monthly and annual dues might be, enter your base hourly rate in the calculator below:

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