Union Financials

Even though it's a relatively young organization, the National Nurses United (NNU) is still a business - a business looking to grow in membership and in revenue. Like all unions, the NNU has to file an LM-2, a kind of tax return, with the government each year to report all its finances.

In 2023, the NNU stated on its LM-2 report that it collected it more than $16 million in total receipts, which includes dues and taxes on members. Even with that amount of money coming in, the Union still somehow managed to pay out over $11.4 million.

Union Officials

A chunk of the money is paying top union official salaries and costly operating expenses. The NNU paid more than $2.2 million for the combined salaries and expenses of its officers and employees.

Union Members

NNU collected more than $16.6 million, but how much did it spend on behalf of individual members? Well, according to the LM-2, the Union responded to this item as follows:

NNU Disbursements

Take a look at the chart below which breaks down how the NNU spent $11,461,020.

Revenue generated by the NNU in 2022-2023 — 94% collected from members’ dues, fees & per capita taxes.
Percentage of NNU revenue spent to organize new members, bargain contracts, and represent current members.
Percentage NNU spent on overhead, gifts, salaries, benefits for union leaders and staff, political activities, and lobbying.
Spent to pay the NNU’s staff and officers.